5th Season: 100% Fruit Snacks

Made by Stuart and Tiffany in London

We have a passion for getting more people to eat fruit - anywhere, anytime, anyhow. We love fresh fruit but it's not always convenient in today's 24/7 world when you have to consider seasonality, preparation, storage and what to do with the leftover mess.
This is resulting in 66% of people not achieving 5-a-day and obesity levels continuing to rise. We've created a 100% fruit snack that actually looks, tastes and has 90% of the original nutrients of fresh fruit; but in a dried format without the fuss.


3 results
Freeze Dried Whole Strawberry Bites 6 x 8g
Freeze Dried Pineapple Bites 6 x 12g
Freeze Dried Fruit Salad Bites 6 x 11g