Auntie's Sauces: Indian Inspired Condiments

Made by Greg, Shirin & Auntie in Birmingham

"We have a delicious range of Indian-inspired sauces and condiments that were created by "Auntie" - our Grandmother. Auntie started cooking at 9 years old for the holy men of her village and has continued to cook for the last 75 years for both her family, and professionally in her chain of restaurants. Her knowledge of taste and flavour have been distilled into this range of condiments that are versatile enough to be used with Asian and European dishes."


6 results
Chilli Mango 6 x 250g
Ginger & Coriander 6 x 250g
Tamarind Sauce 6 x 250g
Indian Ketchup 6 x 250g
Lemon, Ginger & Chilli Pickle 12 x 300g