BeeHype: Craft Honey

Stela and Mo, two young entrepreneurs with a shared passion for healthy, natural foods, are the founders of BeeHype. This never processed, award-winning raw honey comes straight from the hive and is both delicious and nourishing. Their one-of-a-kind varieties are of the highest quality, where honey is sourced from small apiaries in pristine locations where bees forage on plants in lush forests and meadows.


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Lavish Lavender Honey 12 x 250g
Special Acacian Honey 12 x 250g
Acacian Honeycomb Honey 12 x 250g
Jammin' Honey 12 x 250g
Dreamy Creamy Honey 12 x 250g
It's Nuts! Honey 12 x 250g