Katie's Food Co: Savoury Banana Crisps

Made in the UK by Katie & Mike

Katie started her journey as a foodie from the young age of 5 learning to cook with her mother, from a family who loved good food. She had a passion for travelling and whilst in Asia discovered banana crisps. She then tailored the flavour to suits European tastes. Voila Katie's Food Co was born… Over these years travelling all over the globe doing international business Katie was constantly looking for something to launch. Co-founder Mike has developed a number of ethical brands / products supplying the likes of Waitrose, Co-Op, Café Nero and host of others. Together, the two friends committed to sharing the exotic and unique flavour of Thai bananas crisps with the world. To develop a functional snack that is also fun. To source and market that snack in a socially responsible manner.


4 results
Himalayan Salt Savoury Banana Crisps 12 x 32g
Thai Sweet Chilli Savoury Banana Crisps 12 x 32g
Salt & Vinegar Savoury Banana Crisps 12 x 32g
Mixed Herb Savoury Banana Crisps 12 x 32g