Cashew & Jalapeño Butter 6 x 280g

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About This Product

Two Nods Cashew & Jalapeño Butter. Case of 6 x 280g.

  • Cashew butter with a kick
  • Made with mild Jalapeño
  • Vegan-friendly spread and palm oil-free
  • Accented with a pinch of flaked Cornish sea salt
  • Great paired with cheese on toast or just smothered on a burger 
  • Jason also prints the CO2e/kg value on each jar, as a way to be transparent about what they create and pollute, providing a rally against greenwashing
Product Info

Ingredients: whole roasted cashews, jalapeño powder, smoked jalapeño flakes, Cornish sea salt

Storage: Ambient

Product Claims:  vegan, vegetarian, no nasties, handmade

Made In: London

About The Brand

Two Nods: Handmade Nut Butter

Two Nods: Handmade Nut Butter

Two Nods are a nut butter producer focused on sustainability, as well as innovative sweet and savoury flavours! Jason is out here to provide some variety in the nut butter world - showing it's not just something to put on toast but makes a great ingredient for cooking, baking, smoothies, or whatever the heart desires!

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