Agua De Madre Pomegranate and Hibiscus

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About This Product

A naturally sparkling pomegranate and hibiscus low alcohol water kefir.

  • A proper thirst quencher, Agua de Madre does splendid things for your gut
  • A most highly cultured beverage with a staggering 55 billion live cultures per 100ml
  • Great on its own with ice and mint and as a live mixer
  • Contains some alcohol - under 1.2% - as a natural byproduct of fermentation
  • Not suitable for children or pregnant women
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 Product Info

Ingredients: Kefir culture fermented in filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic figs, organic lemon, organic ginger, natural fruit extracts and himalayan salt. 

Product Claims: vegan, recyclable, caffeine free

Made In: East London

Storage: Chilled

Shelf Life: 84 days

About The Brand

Agua De Madre: Water Kefir

Agua De Madre: Water Kefir

"Based in a fermentary in Hackney, we make a naturally very low-alcohol fermented live water kefir from a scoby that is naturally sparkling with all organic ingredients. It stands out as a super healthy drink with 200 billion live good bacterias per 100ml as well as a delicious drink to drink when you are not drinking and a great mixer for live cocktails if you are!"

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