IPA & Smoked Chilli Wholegrain 6 x 170g

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About This Product

Roosters Baby-Faced Assassin IPA and smoked chilli mustard. Case of 6 x 170g.

  • Made with whole mustard seeds, a good glug of hoppy IPA and chopped smoked chilli
  • Wholegrain can be a little subtle, but this mustard ups the heat a little and makes the beer stand out
  • Roosters Baby-Faced Assassin IPA is made with 100% Citra hops so the tropical bitterness really compliments the mustard flavour
  • Perfect on sandwiches, burgers, or in marinades 
  • Ideal for gifting to friends or bringing to a BBQ
Product Info

Ingredients: MUSTARD seeds 43%, White Wine Vinegar, Water, Roosters Baby Faced Assassin IPA 14.3% (wheat & barley), Honey, Chipotle Chillies 3.4%, Smoked Paprika, Sea Salt

Storage: Ambient

Product Claims: vegetarian, nut free, dairy free, soy free, palm oil free, natural

Made In: York, Yorkshire

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