Yuzu Sparkling Prebiotic 12 x 330ml

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About This Product

Shozu's original yuzu prebiotic seltzer. Case of 12 x 330ml.

  • This is pure fizzy English spring water infused with raw yuzu juice
  • Succulent pear juice gives this a light body and mouth feel. Shozu uses the British Conference pear variety developed by Thomas Francis Rivers of Hertfordshire
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Product Info

IngredientsCarbonated water, Pear juice, Yuzu juice 7%, Apple cider vinegar, Chicory root inulin, Yuzu extract

Storage: Ambient

Product Claims: vegan, natural, gluten free, nut free, dairy free, soy free, caffeine free

Made In: North London

About The Brand

Shozu: Sparkling Prebiotics

Shozu: Sparkling Prebiotics

Saehwan, from Jeolla-namdo Province in Korea, has fond memories of growing up around yuzu. Founded by Saehwan, Shozu is all about digestive and immunity health. Like kimchi and kombucha, these prebiotics deliver the same results, but have the light and delicious flavour of yuzu. Each can of Shozu contains 7% raw yuzu juice, 5g Orafti chicory root inulin & 3% organic apple cider vinegar.

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