The Greek Farmer

Producing some of the best charcuterie in the UK, The Greek Farmer creates authentic Greek cured meats from sustainably sourced British free range pork and grass fed beef. The Greek Farmer's owner & founder, Tony Charalambides, was born in the early 80’s and raised in Hackney, London, to an Irish mother and Greek Cypriot father.

A disused metal grain silo, built in the 1960s, sat tired and empty at their family home in Hertfordshire. The Greek Farmer was determined to make some use of it. The Eureka moment came in December 2019 to convert this into a walk in smokehouse and the rest, as they say, is history!

Their award-winning repertoire includes air dried beef, air dried ham, house salami, zaatar salami, and the ultimate Britsh Charcuterie Platter. All created using traditional Greek methods and techniques.


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