What A Pickle!: Extraordinary Condiments

Made by Camilla in Shrewsbury

 "I have always had an intriguing love of great flavours in my cooking. 

As a child I was an enthusiastic assistant in the kitchen to my Mother.  This led me to be brave and bold with flavours as I grew up, new and exciting things were continually added to my recipe repertoire. It really is no surprise that I am now involved in the food world. 

What A Pickle! holds its own better than ever on the shelf with it's bright, cheerful and clear label. The font for all our labels is derived my hand writing giving it a unique and unforgetable personality.  As a collection we aim to look the best on the shelf, always using colours that create a perfect impression for customers enabling our products to fall into shoppers baskets with ease!"


11 results
Red Onion Marmalade 6 x 290g
Tomato Chilli Jam 6 x 290g
Vegan Simply Mayo 6 x 265g
Vegan Tarragon Mayo 6 x 265g
Vegan Garlic Mayo 6 x 265g
Hot Chilli Jam 6 x 290g
Fig & Mustard Sauce 6 x 180g
Chutney for Cheese 6 x 290g
Carrot & Coriander Relish 6 x 270g
Mini Chilli Duo 12 x 2 x 100g