Making Payments

Nobody opened a deli because they loved admin.

Let us take care of the dull stuff so you can concentrate on doing the things you love. Trade payments can be made by:

Credit or Debit Card Pro forma via our website when you order
Direct Debit Email us to set up your mandate. Payments are taken 28 days after your order is placed.
Invoice/BACS Email us to set up your account. Please settle these within 14 days of receipt.

Direct Debit: the safest and most convenient way to pay

Direct Debit saves you time and gives you the freedom to concentrate on the stuff that really matters. Your payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, which means that you always have the right to cancel a payment or receive a refund if a payment is ever taken in error. You’ll always receive an email notification in advance of payments being taken, so there’s never any surprises.
You can read more about how Direct Debit works here.

What’s great about paying automatically and on time?

Unlike other payment methods, you’ll never have to remember to make future payments and we’ll never have to have that awkward phone call when you’re rushed off your feet, chasing down an invoice that might have slipped your mind. As soon as your payment is due, we’ll collect it from your pre-agreed bank account so you’ll always be on time. This also means that we don’t have to invest in an army of people to manage each payment manually and instead, we can focus more on improving our service to you.
As well as making life easier for yourself, paying on time also makes you a really good person. It means that we can pay our suppliers on time, who’ll then be able to pay their suppliers on time, making the world a better place. 

How do we make sure that you are charged correctly?

When you place an order, our warehouse and any external suppliers are notified and will begin preparing your stock for dispatch. If there are any order variations, e.g. due to items being out of stock, these are processed within 24 hours and reflected in your order, which can be viewed in your account. Payments are then set to be taken 28 days after your order is placed. We will also check with you when your order has arrived to ensure that everything has been delivered correctly and in good order.
You will always be notified by our Direct Debit provider, GoCardless, of the amount and date of each payment in advance so you can check these against your own records.