Puro Mediterraneo: Italian olive oils, Balsamic vinegar, pestos and 'Nduja

"Puro Mediterraneo is a family-run business driven by the passion for simple and authentic Italian food. We strongly believe that when ingredients are superior and natural, preparing a fantastic meal becomes easier. Choosing Puro Mediterraneo is not only about buying a fine quality product, but it is about supporting our mission to spread the love for healthy and natural food and creating a community of people that love eating amazingly well."


10 results
Nduja 12 x 90g
Raw Basil Pesto 12 x 135g
Truffle Balsamic Glaze 12 x 150ml
Fig Balsamic Glaze 12 x 150ml
Pepper and Ricotta Pesto 12 x 135g
Red Pesto 12 x 135g
Classic Balsamic Glaze G.Giusti 12 x150ml
"Original" Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 x 500ml
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena G. Giusti 1605 - 3 Gold Medals 12 x 100ml
"Nectar" Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 x 500ml