Rempapa: Southeast Asian Spice Pastes

Made by Shu in London

I'm Shu, a cookery writer originally from Singapore. I've developed a range of Southeast Asian spice pastes packed with the flavours I grew up loving and that I want to introduce other adventurous cooks to (besides the ubiquitous Thai and Indian curries on the shelves). Rempapa is incredibly versatile and easy to cook with– use them to form the base of curries, or simply use them as is to marinate ingredients or to add a kick to your stir-fries. They’re also all natural, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly.


4 results
Peranakan Turmeric & Lemongrass Spice Paste 6 x 180g
Balinese Spiced Tamarind Spice Paste 6 x 180g
Penang Kaffir Lime & White Pepper Spice Paste 6 x 180g