Roni B's Kitchen: Filipino Cooking Sauces

Made by Roni in Kingston Upon Thames

At RoniB's Kitchen, we bring to you the bold and complex flavours of the Philippines. Our products are Vegan-friendly and made with the best local and Southeast Asian ingredients we can find without the artificial colourings or flavourings. Lovingly recreated from family recipes and my own memories of home, we aim to transport you to the fun and food-loving islands of the Philippines, where great food shared with the family is the highlight of any meal. Awarded a star at The Great Taste Awards 2019 for our Black Bean Chilli Oil, it is umami in a bottle. Designed to make cooking easy and packed with flavour, it is the perfect addition to your food cupboard.


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Filipino Garlic Chilli Paste 6 x 190ml
Filipino BBQ Marinade 6 x 250ml
Filipino Adobo Sauce 6 x 190ml
Tamarind Jam 6 x 190ml
Filipino Garlic Chilli Oil 6 x 190ml
Black Bean Chilli Paste 6 x 190ml
Filipino Black Bean Chilli Oil 6 x 190ml