Bohn's Rubs: Meat Rubs

Made by Jeff in Derby

Bohn's began in 2015 and set about bringing great tasting rubs to the world from their base in Derby. With no pretensions of being master chefs, they had a simple vision of offering products that are easy and ready to use, allowing anyone to prepare the kind of dining experience they might have only expected at a restaurant.


13 results
Butt Massage 6 x 65g/125g
Steak Mate 6 x 65g / 125g
Breast Enhancer 6 x 65g/125g
Texas Rub 6 x 65g
Lamb'N Season 6 x 65g/125g
Rump Rub 6 x 65g/125g
Memphis Rub 6 x 65g
Fish Hook 6 x 55g / 100g
All Spice 6 x 65g / 125g
Game On 6 x 55g/100g
Kansas City Rub 6 x 65g
Fish Bait 6 x 55g / 100g
Carolina Rub 6 x 65g