Agua De Madre Passionfruit & Raspberry Water Kefir Can 24 x 330ml

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About This Product

A Naturally Sparkling Passionfruit & Raspberry Low Alcohol-water Kefir Can. Case of 24 x 330ml.

  • A proper thirst quencher, Agua de Madre does splendid things for your gut
  • Packed with billions of live cultures but gently pasteurised and with the addition of Bacillus Subtilis, an organic probiotic that survives in your gut
  • Great on its own with ice and mint and as a live mixer
  • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women to enjoy in moderation. Not suitable for children 
 Product Info

Ingredients: Kefir culture fermented in pure filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic figs, organic lemon, organic ginger & natural fruit extracts. 

Storage: Ambient

Product Claims: vegan, recyclable, caffeine-free

Made In: East London

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