Trodden Black: Small Batch Chilli Jams and Hot Sauces

Handmade in Dollar by Rosie & Kit.

"We make small batch Chilli Jams and Hot Sauces. The ingredients we use are fresh and each batch is hand chopped, peeled and de-seeded by us in our wee kitchen. We believe in flavour before heat so you’ll find our products packed with ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, and citrus fruits to create delicious and unusual combinations. We do not compromise with adding unnecessary additives, preservatives or thickeners and all of our suppliers, from our ingredients to our packaging, is sourced from British companies. We are also very passionate about our wee planet, so throughout our process we try to keep our footprint to a minimum, use, reuse and recycle."


6 results
Pineapple Hot Sauce - Very Hot 6 x 150g
Smoky Tomato Chilli Death Jam 6 x 200g
Prickly Pineapple Chilli Death Jam 6 x 200g
Killer Ki-Lime Chilli Death Jam 6 x 200g
Bloody Mary Hot Sauce  - Hot 6 x 150g
Beetroot Hot Sauce - Hot 6 x 150g