Dry (or just slightly damp…) December

Dry (or just slightly damp…) December

Here are the top low and no drinks brands to stock this festive season

Sobriety is all the craze right now and with around half of UK adults looking to cut out or even reduce their alcohol consumption, the demand for tasty alternatives is at an all time high.

Food and drink really takes centre stage throughout the festive period. Customers will be looking to treat themselves to artisan goodies and luxurious beverages for both themselves and their loved ones during this time of celebration.

Statistics show that sales within the broader drinks category spike during times of the year when social gatherings are frequent.

Unsurprisingly, alcohol sales increase. However data suggests a similar pattern for the no and low category- meaning there is a huge opportunity to be taken in stocking great alternatives.

Nobody wants to show up to the party empty handed, so we’ve collated a list of great alternatives, perfect for those looking to go dry (or even just slightly damp) this Christmas. Or head over to our drinks range here to see our full offering

Townsend Farm

Townsend Farm are currently the only brand in the UK producing apple juice and bottling it in wine bottles.

Their single-variety juices both look and taste the part. Picked, pressed and bottled on a family-run farm in Herefordshire, these juices give that true field to plate experience.

The different varieties of apples provide an entirely different taste, meaning there is something to suit everyone’s palettes. Discovery is sweet, cloudy and syrupy, whereas Falstaff is more dry, sharp and acidic. Think Moscato vs Sauvignon Blanc.

Display them amongst or next to your wine selection to provide an option for those looking for something that has a sleek and ‘grown-up’ appearance, yet is completely alcohol-free.

By including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic products in the same display or section, the non-alcoholic option simply becomes a withstanding alternative to the alcoholic option.

Lucky Saint

With the aim to pave the way for alcohol free beer, Lucky Saint have conquered the proper pint (just of the headache free variety). With their 0.5% unfiltered lager now in thousands of bars, restaurants and pubs up and down the country, they have become a household name.

It’s perfect for those customers who know their beer, and are wanting a reliable and tasty alternative to the alcoholic options.

Stock these bottles amongst your other craft beers to give it the same standing that your other trendy brands have- Heineken 0% and Beck Blue have no place here, after all.

Agua de Madre

Agua de Madre make naturally very low-alcohol fermented water kefir, referred to as ‘champagne for your gut’. And if that doesn’t shout festivity, I don’t know what does.

Kombucha has been in the spotlight for a while now, and kefir is sure to follow. In true gut-friendly style, these drinks contain billions of live cultures and work wonders for both the body and mind.

Their sleek and modern bottles would stand beautifully in your fridge and the 75cl bottles lend themselves particularly well to dinner party offerings and gifts.

The Agua de Madre range is so versatile: they’re great as mixers to complement a spirit of choice, or just add a squeeze of lime and a sprig of mint for a refreshing tee-total tipple.

Terranmando- Shozu and Sansu

Terranmando produce sophisticated and delicious sparkling beverages that make the perfect alternative to a classic gin and tonic. Shozu are the brand behind these sparkling yuzu flavoured prebiotics which are perfect for the health-focused.

Consider Sansu their soda sister, producing yuzu flavoured sodas with delicious accompanying flavours such as cucumber and ginger. Stock them amongst your artisan tonics and sodas to catch the attention of those who enjoy a mixer both by itself or with a spirit of choice.


If you’re like me, the festive season hasn’t begun until at least one glass of mulled wine has been enjoyed.

CRWST have made it easy for both drinkers and non-drinkers alike to get in on the festivities with their mulled wine spice tins.

Simply add to a pan of red wine, or a mix of apple, orange and pomegranate juice for an alcohol free version which is also a firm favourite with kids.

It’s the perfect product for customers with a busy social calendar this December, as it takes the stress out of hosting and is a simple solution to this staple party drink.

Dot Dot

Kids are often left behind in the fun festivities surrounding drinks at Christmas time and Dot Dot have provided the perfect solution to this. Gone are the days of Shloer! Bubble tea is the next big thing with the younger generations.

They produce the UK’s first bottled bubble tea which is guaranteed to stir some excitement amongst your younger crowd. With intriguing flavours such as yuzu and lemon, mango passionfruit and virgin mojito, these are a lovely treat for little ones to try something a bit different this December.