Prairie Fire BBQ: Authentic Kansas City Barbecue Sauces & Rubs

Made by Mike in London

Prairie Fire BBQ was founded in 2013 by Michael Gratz, a native of Kansas City and St. Louis. "I moved to London and instantly fell in love with the culturally diverse food scene but missed the authentic, slow smoked Kansas City style BBQ from my home town. I started making batches of my sauce, rubs and smoked meats for friends and family. After much encouragement, I decided to start selling my products at various markets around London, hence Prairie Fire BBQ was born.

I developed the recipes for Prairie Fire Original and Spicy BBQ Sauce after a long process of experimentation and trial and error and they are handmade in London from only the best, all natural ingredients. I quickly discovered that to capture the true Kansas City taste it was necessary to import certain key ingredients from the United States as those available in the U.K. simply didn’t suffice. In addition to these special American only ingredients I add over 25 different herbs and spices that provide a depth of taste that is unique and unparalleled. In fact, the Original style sauce earned a British Great Taste award in both 2015 and 2016. Europe has just recently discovered something that Americans have known and appreciated for decades; namely that while BBQ Sauce is great on the grill, it truly shines as a condiment on hamburgers, sandwiches, chips and eggs; anywhere ketchup or brown sauce might be used.


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Original Barbecue Sauce 6 x 300ml
Spicy Barbecue Sauce 6 x 300ml
BBQ Spice Rub 12 x 70g