Soffles: Vegan Pitta Chips

Soffle's are an all-natural pitta chip brand made with fresh ingredients, then oven-roasted to achieve the perfect unique CRUNCH!
The recipe is fully vegan and the pitta chips are not just for snacking but an all-rounder for dipping, topping, dunking, crumbling and much much more! Started by Sophie, the early days of pitta chip production began in her garden shed in Stoke Newington, Hackney. Wanting to serve her friends something natural and homemade, the chips were created by mixing fresh ingredients with pitta bread. The chips are then oven-roasted with olive oil creating an extremely crunchy pitta chip. This turned the pitta chips into the perfect all-natural party snack to have with beers and dips before dinner. It was here that the Soffles brand was created.