Falstaff Apple Juice 16 x 75cl

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About This Product

Single variety Falstaff apple juice. Case of 16 x 75cl.

  • Hand picked, single variety Falstaff apple juice, freshly pressed and bottled on a family-run farm based near Ledbury, Herefordshire
  • A high quality, premium juice with a delicious combination of sweetness and acidity
  • Made from freshly picked apples that never enter a cold storage chain
Product Info

Ingredients: Apple juice 99.08%, Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 0.02%

Product Claims: vegan, sustainable, free of refined sugars

Storage: Ambient

Made In: Herefordshire

Trade Info

Barcode: 655729654913

Shelf Life: 18 months from production

Product Code: TOFAFAL75

What's Unique: Townsend Farms is a family-run operation that started to bottle single varietal juice in 2017. All apples are picked while still fresh and the end result is a refined, quality refreshment. 

Great For: A healthy alternative to bubbles, showcased at farm shops, in cafes, and gift stores. 

About The Brand

Townsend Farm: Single Variety Apple Juice

Townsend Farm: Single Variety Apple Juice

Townsend Farm is a family farm in Herefordshire. We grow a variety of dessert and cider apples. In 2017 we experimented with making juice ourselves to produce single varietal juice rather than a blended product. This enabled us to control the process in order to produce a great quality and flavoursome juice from different apples, such as Jonagold, Falstaff, Discovery and Greensleeves.

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